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Government pre-emption of Parliament

The Lords’ Select Committee on the Constitution, just before prorogation, finished its report on pre-emption of Parliament. This is where government ministers incur costs and make changes to legally established bodies in anticipation of the bill that authorises them becoming … Continue reading

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Royal Succession: commitment issues

Queensland The Queensland Parliament’s Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee is done with the bill. It didn’t hold any public hearings on the bill, and we don’t know how many private meetings were held on it either. Not many, I … Continue reading

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A Tale of Three Bills: The UK reports

And they’re done: the report of the Joint Committee on the Draft Communications Data Bill has reported and that report has been embargoed until further notice. The BBC’s James Landale has the scoop: A joint committee of MPs and peers … Continue reading

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The Use and Abuse of Private Members Bills

The latest dispatch from Kim Lane Scheppele on Paul Krugman’s blog is now in. It raises a very interesting point which I didn’t notice when looking through the Hungarian Parliament’s website. Most of the important constitutional measures proposed in Hungary, … Continue reading

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Bercow’s urgent question revolution?

It’s fairly common in recent times for Parliaments to have some mechanism so they can question government ministers as a chamber. In the UK House of Commons, unique at least amongst the Commonwealth realms, the whole question time procedure is … Continue reading

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Wigs, robes, hats and shouting: State Openings of Parliament

It’s Christmas time, and I thought it was time for some lighter topics to cover. So, here’s a compilation of State Openings of Parliament from across the Commonwealth! For those who are uncertain as to what that is, or why … Continue reading

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