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A Tale of Three Bills: committee work so far

In the UK, the Joint Committee on the Draft Communications Data Bill has so far had two informal briefings from Home Office officials (4th of July) and their specialist advisor Martin Hoskins (10th of July), and four public hearings (10th, … Continue reading

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Pre-study in action: Nothing to see here

No, literally. In a post back in May I thought I would try to see how pre-study recommendations were followed up by the government and . So far so good. Only… there’s no report. From any of the committees. Yes, … Continue reading

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A tale of two bills: internet surveillance in Canada and the UK

What would happen if two parliaments considered implementing similar proposals in legislation at roughly the same time, each facing a backlash from parties and the media alike? I’d compare the parliamentary processes in each country and follow the bills through … Continue reading

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A History of Committees in the House of Lords

Early committees Back in the formative days of parliament, petitions would often by committed to a group of the King’s Council – known as triers – who could either make changes and report the petition back to parliament (if it … Continue reading

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Australian Committee reforms

The Australian general election of 2010 ended with a hung parliament*, but in contrast to the UK the incumbent Labor government had no third party in the lower house with which to go into coalition. Instead, it sought a confidence-and-supply … Continue reading

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