Royal Succession: New South Wales prepares to introduce its bill

Premier Barry O’Farrell today gave notice of a motion to introduce the Succession to the Crown (Request) Bill 2013, requesting that the Federal Parliament enact changes to the succession law. No text of the bill up yet, but it should be introduced soon. I’ll update this post then. Not really sure how long request bills take in New South Wales. The only one I can find on their website is the Australia Acts (Request) Act 1999 which passed very quickly. The bill had no consideration in detail and each chamber examined it over two days each, with the whole thing over in less than a month.

Also, I’m assuming it’s a ‘request’ bill rather than a ‘Commonwealth powers’ bill because it’s assumed that such matters are, in a special way, already the domain of the Commonwealth as well as the states so there’s no need to pass a bill to make it part of the Commonwealth powers.

EDIT: Now introduced, full text on the first link above, speech here (search for “succession”). It looks, on first inspection, very similar. New South Wales, for some reason, counts the Treason Act 1351 (which is amended by the UK Succession to the Crown Act 2013) as part of its law while Queensland doesn’t. Apart from that, the Commonwealth bills the two states request are identical, as might well be expected given they must have had agreed this at the Council of Australian Governments.

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