A Tale of Three Bills: the Parliaments wait…

In both the UK and Canada, the debate on the bills to implement online surveillance rages outside of Parliament. In the UK the Treasury has said the business case for the bill is being reexamined and a Liberal Democrat grandee and former independent reviewer of British anti-terror legislation, Lord Carlile of Berriew, is trying to shore up support in the party for the bill.

No word has yet come out of Canada’s Prime Minister’s Office, the office of the minister for public safety nor the office of the government House leader about when the bill will be put to committee as promised nearly a year ago.

As to Australia, the Joint Committee examining the proposals has yet to come to a conclusion and will miss its deadline of the end of the year. Due to the upcoming election, the bill will likely not come before Parliament until after the 30th of November 2013.

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2 Responses to A Tale of Three Bills: the Parliaments wait…

  1. Yeah… Thankfully, the Harper government has quietly abandoned this bill (at least in its current form) because Minister Toews stirred up such enormous controversy over his absurd comment, “Either you’re with us [in increasing the police power to monitor the Internet], or you’re with the child molesters.” Even some Conservative backbenchers spoke out against the Minister’s comments.

    • pp549 says:

      Thanks – I imagine that went down just as well as it deserved! Is it definitely dead do you know? I recall reading some news story that there was international pressure on the government to bring the bill up for debate but I’ve heard nothing since.

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