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Senate reform: the Supreme Court steps in

It looks like the Canadian government will refer C-7, the Senate reform bill, to the Supreme Court to head off the provinces and identify once and for all whether it is constitutional. Apparently there is some opposition in his own … Continue reading

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A Tale of Three Bills: in public and in private

The UK and Australia have both referred the controversial surveillance reforms to Parliamentary Joint Committees to take evidence and then recommend changes to the reforms and that’s powering on nicely, with six public hearings (transcripts here) so far from the … Continue reading

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Select Committees and Public Appointments: The Liaison Committee Strikes Back

So: nine months after the Liaison Committee’s report on public appointments (let’s empower parliament in a more structured and effective way), government issued its response (thanks but go stuff yourselves). Three months after that, the Liaison Committee has issued a … Continue reading

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