Pre-study in action: Nothing to see here

No, literally. In a post back in May I thought I would try to see how pre-study recommendations were followed up by the government and . So far so good. Only… there’s no report. From any of the committees. Yes, apparently it’s normal practice not to publish a report based on your findings during pre-study. That’s new to me.

Perhaps it won’t matter however – the unique circumstances – five different committees studying a single bill, the length of time the study took and the lack of time before the Senate rises for the Summer meant that there were no amendments in the Commons anyway – in fact, the committees only completed their study Tuesday, the day it passed the Commons.

This means the National Finance committee will amend the bill how it likes when it is sent to committee soon, so we’ll know which amendments arose out of pre-study. More to the point, we’ll see if any get overturned when it gets back to the Senate floor. Although, hasn’t the Commons risen for the Summer? Hmm. Could the government afford their budget to wait that long?

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