Senate reform: Dead in the water?

I’ve been busy the last month or so, but it appears that Canada’s parliamentary session is likely to end on June 22nd.  It’s intriguing, because there’s no way the Senate Reform bill will get through before then, so maybe the government have given up on it. On the other hand, nothing’s stopping them retabling the bill this Autumn. Same with their Lawful Access bill which still hasn’t gone to committee before second reading.

Canada has no equivalent of the UK’s carry-over; a process designed early in this decade which allows bills, on a vote of one of the Houses of Parliament, to be carried over by one session at the stage they left the last session. The Commons can vote any bill to be carried over, but the Lords usually requires that it has had pre-legislative scrutiny before allowing it to be carried over.

Anyway, I’ve got a number of posts planned, so watch this space.

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