Elizabeth Tower: done deal?

David Wooding, associate political editor of the Sun, tweeted that the Clock Tower (which holds Big Ben) will be renamed Elizabeth Tower in HMTQ’s honour because MPs have voted on it. Well, no, they haven’t, as an associate political editor should know. It’s true: a majority of MPs support the renaming (331, at last count), but they have not voted it! All I know is that 331 MPs have signed an Early Day Motion. This is essentially a meaningless petition that will likely never get discussed in Parliament and represents little more than a press release declaring what an MP decides to advertise himself or herself as supporting.

That’s not to say that the Clock/Elizabeth Tower will not be renamed; it probably will now. But MPs have not voted. They’re not even sitting. They’re on the Whitsun recess and have been since last week. I don’t even know if they would have to vote on it.

*Sigh*. Sorry, it’s Friday, I’ve just had an exam, seems like an appropriate moment to let off steam.

On the merits, I support the idea. After all, at the other end of the Palace, Victoria Tower sits proudly holding the Lords Library. It’s not like Big Ben (the bell in the tower) will change name or anything. To have two towers representing the two monarchs who have last until their diamond jubilees is fitting. Goodness knows what they’ll do if and when the next monarch has been reigning for this long – maybe they’ll have to build a new one especially.

EDIT: Also should not does not mean cannot. I mean, it’s blatant Jeremy Hunt should be investigated (and probably fired) for a breach of the ministerial code on at least two different provisions, but the fact remains it’s the prime minister who has to refer him to Sir Alex Allan, his *ahem* independent adviser on ministerial interests. Headline writers pay so little attention to facts or reality…

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