It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but there were a few articles that caught my eye recently:

United Kingdom

British Institutions: The House of Lords

Funding merry-go-round shows no signs of stopping

Why Lords reform is a gift for Labour


The Senate gives tenure a bad name

Abolish the Senate? Abandon hope all ye who enter

Senate series: Senate reform a hard act to follow

Senate series: The great equaliser that isn’t

Senate series: Immunity to change in Senate’s DNA

The lowdown on Upper Chamber

More Power to the People’s House

When it comes to Commons debate, silence isn’t always golden

The House of Commons is a sham, circa 1938

Powerless parliament is little more than a ceremonial body


Labor’s House of Representatives numbers dwindle to 70

Peter Slipper stands aside as Speaker of the House

Parliament conduct code comes closer

New Zealand

The Power of a Veto

United States

House of Representatives are best at doing nothing

Is Washington’s partisanship even worse than it looks?

Neither party is ready for filibuster reform

Not much in the way of positive coverage for anyone really. Some interesting reform ideas floating about the net though.

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