Lords reform: the Lords debate the Richards Report

At just after 3pm today the House of Lords will debate its own reform. Again. Also again it’s expected to continue it the next day! This time they’re debating the joint committee proposals (and by extension the Alternative Report pushed by just under half the committee) which I’ve covered here.

There will be much hyperbole and fierce speeches are expected – for highlights, I would suggest Lord Cormack (against – usually using an I’m-disappointed-in-you tone of voice), Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield (against – a wonderful speaker and true constitutional expert), Lord Ashdown (for – expect a shouty, angry speech; he got quite worked up last time and the House didn’t like his tone), Lady Kennedy of the Shaws (in principle for, but might not like the details – always a good speaker), Lord Norton of Louth (against – very informative and measured he’s a professor of government and constitutional expert and is worth a listen), Lord Steel of Aikwood (against – he will likely argue for his original proposals), and Lord Tyler (for – can be quite combative on Lords reform, but he’s usually quite a good advocate of the pro-reformers).

Feel free to suggest others who might be worth a listen. No Lady Boothroyd, which is surprising. Of course if they don’t speak now, they have two days (!) on constitutional reform during the Queen’s Speech debate in less than two weeks time and we should probably expect them then.

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