Geeky stuff in Canada: financial procedures review

Over in Canada, the Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates is performing a non-partisan review of the estimates procedure. They’ve taken evidence from some notable individuals, and I’ve linked to their testimony where possible:

  • David Macdonald, Senior Economist at the Canadian Centre of Policy Alternatives
  • Kevin Page, Parliamentary Budget Officer
  • Dr Ned Franks, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s University, and Dr Joachim Wehner, Associate Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science (whose much recommended paper is here, though he also contributed to this very informative paper from the World Bank)
  • Michael Fergusson, Auditor General
  • Robert Marleau, former Clerk of the House of Commons
  • David McGee, former Clerk of the New Zealand House of Representatives
  • David Good, Professor at the School of Public Administration, Diane Hall, and Alex Lakroni, Chief Financial Officer
  • Allen Schick, Distinguished Professor at the University of Maryland (one paper of his that was quite interesting is here), and Jack Stilborn, former Senior Researcher at the Library of Parliament

I look forward to following the committee’s hearings, and I must check for the previous committee reports. If you’re on Twitter, Derek Strelioff has been (and presumably will be) live-tweeting the sessions with the hastage #OGGO.

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