Monday looks to be more and more interesting…

The release of the Joint Committee report on Lords Reform is published Monday, and this interesting little titbit came along yesterday. Most of it is what we know, and I’ve posted about it before, but apparently the report took 30 meetings to draw up, a record for any committee.

On the committee’s proposals, they want to evict peers by getting rid of the least-attending and -voting first, which makes a degree of sense and is a change from the 1999 reforms where peers elected those among their party grouping who they wanted to stay, an idea first used to elect Scottish peers three centuries ago. Another proposal was to create more youthful peers, 30 and 40, to address the age imbalance. Fun Lords fact, courtesy of Mark Pack: for every peer under forty there are seven over ninety.

It’s heating up in the Conservative party too, as these tweets about their backbench committee (1922 committee) show:

More details here EDIT: and here, which kind of implies the media blackout isn’t working…

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