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Parliament’s role in hiring and firing judges

I mentioned, quite a while ago now, when I posted about the report advocating parliament having an increased role in public appointments that there was another report out soon examining parliament’s role in hiring and firing judges in England and … Continue reading

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Late again? Updated, as of 11:18am 28.03.12

UPDATE: Well, look at that! The Joint Committee has just now issued a press release saying it expects to publish its report on the 23rd of April 2012. Apparently they have finished… but they won’t publish until after the recess. … Continue reading

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Financial procedure in the British parliament

Part of a series of posts on financial procedure: British Parliament Federal Canadian Parliament Australian Commonwealth Parliament New Zealand Parliament In the British Parliament, financial procedure has recently been reformed to make it (slightly) clearer what is being voted on, … Continue reading

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A bit more ceremonial: Diamond Jubilee address

The Queen today gave her address-in-reply to both Houses of Parliament after they both composed humble addresses to her. It took place in Westminster Hall, the nigh-on millennium old medieval hall where Guy Fawkes, Charles I, and many others were … Continue reading

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Forcing ministers to answer

As I’ve mentioned before, New Zealand’s speaker, Dr Lockwood Smith, began enforcing standing orders which require the government to answer the questions they are asked. It’s a great example of a parliament increasing its assertiveness. I did wonder, however, precisely … Continue reading

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Government changes to the Backbench Business Committee

The deputy Leader of the House, David Heath, has put forward proposals to change the way members are elected to the backbench business committee. Currently, members are elected by the whole house with parties allocated by their strength in the … Continue reading

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