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Pre-study in the Canadian Senate

The Canadian Senate is an entirely appointed institution. In the 1970s, the Senate began the process of formalising the practice of pre-study – where a Senate committee would question witnesses and produce a report advising the ministers on the bill … Continue reading

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First reading committees

The Canadian Minister for Public Safety, Vic Toews, has announced that his bill C-30 will be sent to committee before second reading. This procedure, occasionally used in Canada, allows MPs to make broader changes to legislation than normally would be … Continue reading

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The tactics and strategy of upper house reform

In the UK, the government is negotiating the tricky waters of upper house reform. To this end it’s letting many of the details be decided by a joint committee of both houses in an effort to persuade peers and MPs … Continue reading

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Some links

United Kingdom Discussions… about discussions Doing the Sums Ireland Mullen calls for party ‘independence of mind’ in Seanad Canada NDP fights move to make House committee meetings more secret In defence of the Canadian Senate Senate reform moves ahead step … Continue reading

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A History of Committees in the House of Lords

Early committees Back in the formative days of parliament, petitions would often by committed to a group of the King’s Council – known as triers – who could either make changes and report the petition back to parliament (if it … Continue reading

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The Use and Abuse of Private Members Bills

The latest dispatch from Kim Lane Scheppele on Paul Krugman’s blog is now in. It raises a very interesting point which I didn’t notice when looking through the Hungarian Parliament’s website. Most of the important constitutional measures proposed in Hungary, … Continue reading

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An impending constitutional crisis?

As if it wasn’t enough for the potential of constitutional crises over Lords reform and Scottish independence, the government’s actions over the Welfare bill may cause one too. Dr Jeff King, senior law lecturer at UCL, and Professor Robert Hazell, … Continue reading

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